Materials and reagents

• Stuart's transport medium.

• Modified Diamond's medium (Fouts and Kraus 1980): dissolve 2g trypticase, 1g yeast extract, 0.5g maltose, 0.1g L-cystein hydrochloride and 0.02g ascorbic acid in 90ml distilled water. Adjust pH to 6.0, add 0.1g agar and autoclave at 15psi. for 10min. Cool to 48°C and add 10 ml inactivated sterile horse serum, 0.6 mg penicillin G, 2 mg netilmicin and 0.2 mg amfotericin B. Dispense 9-10 ml amounts into sterile screw-capped tubes. Store at 4°C.

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