Malaria and other imported parasitic infections in transplant patients

The classical clinical picture of malaria infection, including shivering, thrombocytopenia, and gastrointestinal symptoms, usually does not differ in organ-transplanted patients compared to immunocompetent individuals. A few cases of malarial infection following transplantation have been reported from the Nordic countries. All these cases have been patients from Nordic countries who have undergone transplantation with organs of donors from malaria-endemic regions. The diagnosis and treatment of malaria in transplanted patients are not different from that of immunocompetent individuals. This infection should always be considered when patients are transplanted in malaria-endemic regions. In addition, malaria should also be considered in individuals who have received blood transfusions in foreign countries where malaria may persist. There are no reports in the Nordic countries about increased incidence of Giardia, Amoeba, Cryptosporidium, or Microsporidium in organ-transplanted patients who have been visiting areas with increased risk for those parasitic infections.

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