Intestinal protozoa

Data about intestinal protozoa are available only for Lithuania. In the end of the 1950s, pre-school children were tested for intestinal protozoan parasites in Vilnius (Pabrezaite 1958), 34.1% of whom were infected with Giardia lamblia, 10.6% had Entamoeba coli, 9.1% Chilomastix mesnili, 8.3% Endolimax nana, 4.2% Jodamoeba b├╝tschlii, and 3.3% Entamoeba hartmani. Entamoeba histolytica was identified in faeces of one child. Between 1975 and 1977, 6810 adult patients were tested for intestinal protozoa in the Kaunas Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital of whom 112 had intestinal protozoan infection (Stankaitite et al. 1979). In 40 cases, it was G. lamblia, and in 72 cases E. coli was identified. Since 1992, faecal examination for intestinal protozoan infection has been carried out in Lithuania. The data are given in Table 5.1.

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