Differentiation of trichomonads

Although the different species of trichomonad are normally located in different sites, contamination of, for example, vaginal secretions or urine with faeces necessitates the differentiation of species. There are no cyst forms, only trophozoites.

Trichomonas vaginalis is pear-shaped and 7-23^m long by 5-15^m wide. It has four anterior flagellae of uneven length and in fresh preparations, shows a nervous jerky motility. There is a short undulating membrane with a costa.

Trichomonas hominis is a little smaller, 5-15^m long and 7-10^m wide. Motility, by four to five anterior flagellae, is similar to that of T. vaginalis. The undulating membrane and costa extend the whole length of the organism. There is a free trailing flagellum.

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