In Denmark, Lebech et al. (1993) found that the prevalence of IgG antibodies was 27.4% in 5000 pregnant women, while IgM antibodies were found in 0.5%. In the period from 1992

Figure 14.1 The prevalence of Toxoplasma IgG antibodies in pregnant populations in different countries in Europe. (See Colour Plate III.)

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to 1996 nearly 100000 blood samples collected on filter paper cards from new borns have been investigated. Whenever the new born's filter paper was positive (27.8%) the frozen blood sample from the mother collected during the first trimester was analyzed for Toxoplasma IgG antibodies. Out of 64888 seronegative women, 141 mothers had acquired Toxoplasma infection during pregnancy. These women gave birth to 143 children, of which 27 were diagnosed with congenital Toxoplasma infection. Thus the estimated incidence of primary Toxoplasma infection in seronegative pregnant women was 2.7 per 1000 and the birth prevalence of congenital infection in live-born children was 4.2 per 100 000 new borns. The mother to child transmission rate was 19.1% (Lebech et al. 1998). Denmark introduced a national neonatal screening program for toxoplasmosis in 1999.

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