Control of ticks and tickborne infections

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Pasture spelling and pasture rotation may be used to control tick species attacking and transmitting diseases to farm animals. Pasture spelling is widely used in Australia (Wilkinson 1957). Certain breeds, races, or species of livestock are more tolerant than others to ticks and tick-borne infections. Such livestock should be used for traction, and meat and milk production rather than less disease-resistant breeds. There are vaccines available against some important tick-borne diseases. Anti-tick vaccines may become available for veterinary use in the near future. For personal protection in tick-infested areas the use of appropriate clothing, possibly with the additional use of a chemical tick-repellent, and prompt removal of attached ticks are measured that can be recommended. Further information on tick control methods is available in Jaenson et al. (1991b), Mwase et al. (1991), and references therein. A number of plants are traditionally used for their tick-repelling properties (Secoy and Smith 1983; Curtis 1991, 1992). There is an urgent need to investigate the pharmaceutical and arthropod-repellent potentials of many of these plant species.

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