Atovaquone is a hydroxynaphthoquinone with potent activity against malaria, P. carinii, and T. gondii in in vitro studies and in laboratory animals (Fausto et al. 1991). The drug was shown to be effective on the cystic stages of Toxoplasma in mice models (Derouin 2000). The effect of treatment has been greatly enhanced when administered in combination with pyrimethamine or sulfadiazine (Aranjo et al. 1993). The drug has been well tolerated in HIV-infected adults and infants and seems to be promising (Hugues et al. 1998; Torres et al. 1997).

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Eight AIDS patients with cerebral toxoplasmosis who were intolerant or non-responders to standard therapies were treated with oral atovaquone 750mg four times daily; seven patients showed clinical and radiological improvement (Kovacs 1992).

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