Table 1. Gene expression profile studies in mice and rat models of PD in different time spans—cont'd ro o a>

Altered gene classes

Apoptosis-associated proteins

Antioxidant enzymes

Time course (following drug administration)

Signal transduction


Iron transportation

t Glutathione-S-transferase pi 1 (47,48), t glutathione peroxidase precursor, t glutathione reductase (36)

t MKK7, t JNKl, ; adenylyl cyclase 3, t Agpt2 (48,68)

6-8 h t BAX, t BAD, ; Bcl2, ; BclXL, t GADD153 (47,48,67)

t Glutathione peroxidase precursor (36)

12-16h t BID, t GADD45, t Caspase-2, t Caspase-7 (47,48)

24 h-20 days t BAX, t bad, ; Bcl2, ; BclXL (48,67), ; Bcl2-like (38)

t Glutathione-S-transferase A, t glutathione peroxidase precursor, t NADPH cytochrome P450, I cytochrome P450, I glutathione peroxidase 3, I superoxide dismutase 3 (36,38)

Energy metabolism

0 0

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