Instrument Setup and Calibration for the Cen Lab Quanta SC

Detector 1-FITC 525 BP

Detector 1-FITC 525 BP

Light SSC


(488 Laser)

Figure 9.2 Optical setup for the Cell Lab Quanta SC. The Cell Lab Quanta SC is equipped with a 488-nm argon laser, three photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) for fluorescence analysis, and a side-scatter channel. Our optical setup uses a series of long-pass filters to split the emitted fluorescent signal to detector 1 (525 nm BP; FITC), detector 2 (575 nm BP; PI), and detector 3 (670LP; LDS 751).

analysis. The optical filter setup for the 488-nm laser for examining three independent fluorescent parameters is shown in Fig. 9.2. This section outlines standard methods for setting up and calibrating the Cell Lab Quanta SC for analysis of AVD and fluorescent characteristics using the software specifically designed for this instrument.

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