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1 Ms/M = 0.7


| M/Ms = 143 g H20/100 g 1 ,

Concentration (Ms/M)

Concentration (Ms/M)

Figure 1.9 NMR measures of the spin-echo relaxation rate 1/T2 for lysozyme as a function of hydration level expressed as the inverse of hydration 1/h demonstrate linear regions have biphasic decay with two proton compartments associated with the protein that sharp changes in relaxation time and amplitude at hM = 1.43 g/g (Fullerton et al., 1986) due to increased contact when less than monolayer water coverage remains. Measured value is in reasonable agreement with predicted hM = 1.74 g/g from Table 1.3. Reproduced with permission from Fullerton et al. (1986].

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