Composition of CGG (g/100g solvent)

Figure 23.4 The solubility of cyclic glycylglycine in water (O), in1 M TMAO (◊), and in 1 M urea (□) determined from the density of supernatant solutions as a function of the composition of CGG in water, 1 M TMAO, and 1 M urea. Solubility limits of CGG (vertical lines) are determined from the intersection of the linear fits through unsatu-rated and saturated data points. An increase in solubility relative to water corresponds to a favorable solvophilic interaction, AG0 — ( —), and a decrease corresponds to an unfavorable solvophobic interaction, AG0 — (+), between CGG and the osmolyte.

be converted to the conventional units of molarity, molality, and mole fraction commonly used in expressing transfer free energies.

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