Figure 5-2 Osmotic activation profiles for ProP-(His)6 in cells (O) and proteoliposomes (□) are similar. E. coli was cultivated, washed, and resuspended in NaCl-free MOPS minimal medium, which has an osmolality of 0.12 mol/kg. ProP-(His)6 was purified and reconstituted in proteoliposomes. The initial rate of proline uptake via ProP-(His)6 (ao) was measured using assay media adjusted with NaCl to the indicated osmolalities and radiolabeled proline at a concentration of 200 mM. Data for cells and for proteoliposomes are derived from Culham et al. (2003) and Racher et al. (2001), respectively. Regression lines were obtained using Eq. (6) as model. Reproduced with permission from Culham et al. (2003) ©2003 American Chemical Society and Racher et al. (2001) ©2001 American Chemical Society.

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