It is my distinct pleasure to make comment about this well-timed text regarding oral cavity reconstruction. That this book has evolved is a testimonial to the evolution of medical understanding, enhancement, and therapeutic planning in the multidisciplin-ary approach to complex problems. What was once an arena of extirpation followed by modest attempts at reconstruction, management has been transformed (through the wonders of imaging, miniaturization, and visual magnification) to selective extirpation and functional as well as cosmetic reconstruction. Questions heretofore unasked, or at least unanswered, have in many instances fallen to resolution. This excellent work chronicles the breadth of understanding and implementation which now exists, such that the bottom line focus of the surgical rehabilitative team focuses on quality of life for the patient. I commend the editors for their creativity and all of the authors for their contribution thus enhancing the welfare of our patients. For those of us involved in treatment of advanced head/neck malignancy, this contribution comes at the right time.

Charles W. Cummings, MD Distinguished Service Professor Department of Otolaryngology— Head and Neck Surgery

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