Project Title Alcohol Tobacco Carcinogenes In Oral Cancer Etiology

Principal Investigator & Institution: Timmons, Sherry R.; University of Iowa Iowa City, Ia 52242

Timing: Fiscal Year 2002

Summary: Dr. Sherry Timmons is currently in the Dentist Scientist program at The University of Iowa College of Dentistry. She is continuing her clinical training in Oral Pathology, Radiology and Medicine and is progressing in her research. The broad objective of her research is to examine the interactions between alcohol and tobacco carcinogenes in the etiology of oral cancer. Specifically, her research will examine the fundamental mechanisms of alcohol involvement in oral cancer. Dr. Timmons attended the Annual IADR meeting in Vancouver, BC March 9-14, 1999 where she participated in an Experimental Pathology Oral Session. Her presentation was, "Effects of Acetaldehyde on c-jun Expression in Squamous Cell Lines." Dr. Timmons co-authored an article accepted for publication in Dental Maxillofacial Radiology: Timmons S, Ruprecht A,

Diehl ST ii. "Frequency of Portrayal of Foramen Transversarium of the Second Cervical Vertebra on Rotational Panoramic Radiographs." Projected publication date is May, 1999.

Website: crisp/Crisp_Query.Generate_Screen

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