Use of the OTS in Clinical Practice

A small card can easily be prepared and carried in the ophthalmologist's pocket. On the front of the card is printed the system to calculate the OTS, and on the back side the visual acuity table. Early clinical experience utilizing the OTS is favorable [6, 7].

O Pearl:

One of the benefits of reporting serious eye injury cases to a standardized database (see Chap. 1.7) is that on the USEIR and WEIR websites (, the OTS calculation is immediately available.

• have the OTS available and use it during counseling and decision-making; it gives more accurate information than visual acuity alone

• imply to the patient that the OTS is specifically for him; rather, that this is statistical information, which may or may not apply in his individual case


Its is extremely useful for both patient and ophthalmologist to have reliable prognostic information about the injury

3 The most important, albeit not independent, variable

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