The Development of the Classification1 System

A group of trauma specialists2 was gathered to develop the system based on their clinical experience, using the Delphi process3 and Likert questions4. The fundament for the classification system was BETT (see Chap. 1.1).

1 The name "classification" reflects the fact that the system breaks down the findings into a few categories and has several options in each.

2 The initiative came from Paul Sternberg; other members of the Ocular Trauma Classification Group included: Thomas Aaberg, William Bridges, Antonio Capone, Jose Cardillo, Eugene deJuan, Ferenc Kuhn, Travis Meredith, William Mieler, Timothy Olsen, Patrick Rubsamen, and Timothy Stout.

3 A question is asked from the group; discussion follows and a consensus is reached. The group moves to the next question, and the procedure is repeated until all agree that the final product is the best and most useful that can be achieved.

4 The possible answer to the yes-or-no question ranges from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree."

Table 1.2.1 Classification of open and closed globe injuries

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