Reduced Transparency 25321 Blood Hyphema

This is the most commonly diagnosed pathology; the incidence varies with injury type. (Table 2.5.1). The blood usually clears spontaneously after a few days and mostly through the trabecular meshwork. The significance of hyphema lies in the secondary complications blood in the AC can cause (see below) as well as in the coexistent posterior segment injuries, which remain hidden from the examiner by the hemorrhage3 (Table 2.5.2). In the USEIR, 53% of eyes with trauma-related hyphema showed some type of posterior pathology; in the HEIR, the rate reached 61%.

3 The ophthalmologist may not even suspect that any posterior segment pathology is present.

Table 2.5.1 The incidence of hyphema (%) in various types of trauma in the USEIR database

Type of trauma

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