There is no known treatment. The visual acuity usually returns to 20/20, although it can also remain diminished. The clinical appearance and course may be similar to those of contusion retinopathy or solar retinopathy [6]. The findings should be precisely documented and photographed because the patient may later seek compensation for the injury (see Chap. 1.8).

11 Usually ~20/30.

carefully examine the child if foul play is suspected weigh all options, consider the benefits and risks, when deciding whether or not to intervene for a vitreous or macular hemorrhage caused by bodily trauma

refuse vitrectomy just because the prognosis is "generally poor": surgery can nevertheless be beneficial to the particular individual


A variety of ocular sequelae can be caused by injuries to the body. The ocular consequences may be inconsequential but can also be severe, and the bodily trauma can be fatal in an abused infant. For many of the ocular complications there is no known treatment.

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