tissue in the term.) If a tissue is specified, it refers to location and is not a modifier of the term. In Fig. 1.1.2, injury "B" shows a penetrating trauma; if it is described as a "penetrating corneal injury", it means that the wound is corneal. (Prior to BETT, it could have meant either a closed globe injury (penetrating into the cornea) or an open globe injury (penetrating into the globe). BETT is described in detail in Table 1.1.3, and in Figs. 1.1.3 and 1.1.4. Traumatic enucleation of the eye is shown in Fig. 1.1.5.

There are cases in which the injury occurs by a complex mechanism. For instance, if the patient falls onto a glass table that has a sharp edge, the wound may be a laceration (penetrating injury), but the injury has a rupture component (major tissue loss) as well as a contusion ele-

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