The PVR commonly recurs, requiring re-repeat vitrectomies, often with re-retinectomy

1 This should always be suspected if the injury was caused by a strong wire or scissors.

2 Occasionally even subretinally

Table 2.14.2 (continued) Proactive treatment (prophylactic chorioretinectomy) in eyes with high-PVR-risk injury



Results with traditional treatment

Shown in Table 2.14.1

Results with proactive treatment3

In the author's pilot study, none of the five eyes developed PVR [3]4

Timing of surgery and its primary goal

Early vitrectomy to prevent the scar from growing onto/from the undersurface of the scleral wound and onto the retina. The retina and choroid must be removed in a ring-like fashion around the wound/impact site, leaving an area of bare sclera to act as a barrier between the scar and the remaining retinal edge

Surgical steps

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