20/40 or greater: 37 / 53

Based on cases collected between 1 January 1989 and 31 December 2004. All percentages are rounded

make sure that the injury is indeed a contusion, not an occult rupture perform a complete evaluation (with special attention paid to the cornea and sclera) of all eyes injured with a blunt object, consider the benefits of early intervention; natural history may involve a higher complication risk than surgery does

assume that a vitreous hemorrhage caused by contusion has identical implications as a vitreous hemorrhage caused by nontraumatic conditions such as diabetes or venous occlusion leave retinal breaks untreated; up to 16% of contusions eventually lead to retinal detachment


Contusions rarely evoke emergency, and the treatment of its complications are usually straightforward. The most common, avoidable error in the management of contused eyes is not to consider early surgery for vitreous hemorrhage.

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