Tano membrane scraper

If the ILM has been properly stained, the instrument is able both to initially tear and then separate the ILM from the retina;5 however, the maneuver is dangerous and not recommended. If the ILM has not been stained, the risk of damaging the nerve fibers is especially high and use of the Tano membrane scraper is contraindicated [48]

MVR blade

Incision of the ILM prior to forceps use is useful especially if the peeling is done without staining and if the surgeon is less experienced: the blade gives greater depth control than the forceps. In principle, an ILM-rhexis, similar to a capsulorhexis, can also be executed with the barbed MVR blade, but this maneuver requires exceptional dexterity, has not benefit, and is risky

302 Ferenc Kuhn

Table 2.9.4 (continued) Internal limiting membrane removal techniques and instrumenta

tion: an overview

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