Diffuse scar formation

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Chemical eye burns require immediate rinsing, continued for at least 15 min9. Any consumable solution suffices if it is not alcoholic or acidic; preferably, it should be of room temperature. Ophthalmologists are strongly encouraged to educate all ER personnel regarding the techniques of irrigation.

Typically, water or saline is used for rinsing. If available, a polyvalent, hypertonic, amphoteric compound, such as Diphoterine10 [4], is preferred, which is effective against acids, alkali, and agents with oxidative or redox activity. If both eyes have been burned, the irrigation must be done alternatively on both sides. Should the cornea be opaque and the iris discolored, the AC must also be irrigated with BSS (see Chap. 2.5). Irrigation improves the prognosis even if hours have elapsed since the injury [3].

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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