Angle Recession

A condition that often leads to glaucoma, angle recession is discussed in Chap. 2.18.

• determine whether sickle cell disease has played a role in hyphema development

• prevent corneal blood staining by aggressively bringing the IOP down and by removing the intracameral blood early if staining threatens

• learn the basics of viscoelastic properties and use to maximize their benefits and reduce the risks of their use

• start hyphema removal before planning all aspects of surgery including timing, instrumentation, and wound preparation

• forget that damage to other intraocular structures are very common in eyes with hyphema

• leave vitreous incarcerated into a corneal wound


The AC has a wide variety of pathologies; in addition to knowing how to deal with each, the surgeon should also learn some basic rules such as space and tissue tactics. Of the major pathologies, hemorrhage has the greatest importance.

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