Early vitrectomy should be considered for contusion-related vitreous hemorrhage. Although the bleeding may resolve spontaneously, the advantages of early blood removal are substantial: instant visual rehabilitation; treatment of retinal breaks before they could lead to detachment; prevention of blood-related complications, including PVR; and reduced surgical risks if vitrectomy is performed before, rather than for, secondary complications. Conversely, there are risks associated with vitrectomy itself.

3 Other pathologies, such as hyphema, probably have a higher incidence, but because their visual consequences are usually less severe and more temporary, they go under-reported. Conversely, a vitreous hemorrhage is likely to make the patient seek medical attention early. This is reflected in the findings of the USEIR (see below).

Table 2.10.1 Retinal complications in eyes with vitreous hemorrhage in the USEIR database (%)





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