In 1996, Pepin et al. (74) concluded that the studies on surgical intervention for UARS were descriptive rather than comparative. Recent studies on surgical intervention in UARS even include bariatric surgery (75) for UARS. According to the authors, the patients in this study included six women with UARS, who had a mean AHI of three events/hour and a mean low oxyhemoglobin saturation of 84%. They also considered an ESS of > 8 as the sole criterion for daytime somnolence. It appears that the criteria for a diagnosis of UARS were inappropriate, aggravated by the fact that no BMI was mentioned for this subgroup. No follow-up outcomes were presented in this subgroup. Studies like this highlight the need for adherence to diagnostic criteria and randomized protocols; especially when treatment modalities are chosen, which are associated with surgical intervention where side effects and complications must be weighed against the potential gain.

Virtual Gastric Banding

Virtual Gastric Banding

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Audio Programm that teaches your mind to use only the right amount of food to keep you slim. The Virtual Gastric Band is applied using mind management techniques, giving you the experience of undergoing surgery to install a virtual gastric band or virtual lap-band, creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach which limits how much food can be eaten. Once installed, the Virtual Gastric Band creates the sensation of having a smaller stomach that is easily filled and satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

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