Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) remains one of the most common causes of death among infants throughout the world. In the United States there has been a major decrease in the incidence of SIDS since the AAP released its recommendation in 1992 that infants be placed down for sleep in a nonprone position. A public health initiative was developed using the slogan "back to sleep." The recommendations also included the need to avoid redundant soft bedding and soft objects in the infant's sleeping environment. The AAP further refined its position in 2000 and no longer recognized side sleeping as a reasonable alternative to fully supine sleeping. In 2005, the AAP again provided further recommendations to decrease the incidence of SIDS. These included recommending that adults do not share a bed with infants. Instead adults should share the bedroom but sleep on a different surface. The AAP also recommended using pacifiers in the beginning of the night but replacing them in the children's mouths if they fell out during the night (77). Concerns have been raised that these newer guidelines may have the unintended consequences of disrupting the sleep of families by the infants creating an association with the need for the pacifiers in order to return to sleep during the night. Other experts have also expressed concerns that discouraging bed sharing may decrease nursing and bonding (78-81).

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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