Sleep Related Eating Disorder

This condition consists of recurrent episodes of involuntary eating and drinking during arousals from sleep with adverse consequences (30,113,114). They typically occur during partial arousals from sleep with subsequent partial recall. The problematic features of SRED include one or more of the following: consumption of peculiar forms or combinations of food, and/or of inedible or toxic substances (e.g., frozen pizzas, raw bacon, cat food, ammonia cleaning solutions), insomnia from sleep disruption, sleep-related injury, morning anorexia, weight gain, and obesity.

SRED may be idiopathic but is most commonly associated with a primary sleep disorder (113,114,116) or other clinical condition, of which sleepwalking is the most common. Other sleep disorders that can be associated include RLS, PLMD, OSA, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Medication-induced SRED have also been reported with zolpidem, triazolam, and other psychotropic agents. Treatment includes treating the underlying primary sleep disorder (e.g., CPAP for OSA, dopa-minergics/opiates/benzodiazepines for RLS/PLMD).

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