Relation Between Sleep Apnea and Restless Legs Syndrome

RLS and OSA are two common sleep disorders but there is not much in the peer-reviewed literature to define or evaluate a possible relationship between the two. In a study by Lakshminarayanan et al. (93) a prevalence of clinically significant RLS with symptoms at least two to three days per week in 8.3% was reported in 60 sequentially polysomnographically studied patients with clinically significant sleep apnea (RDI > 10). This figure is, however, not dissimilar to the prevalence figure for RLS, although age-matched spouses used as controls showed a prevalence of RLS at 2.5%. In a study Rodrigues et al. (94) observed improvement in sleep apnea and RLS symptoms in 17 patients with coexistent RLS and OSA following CPAP therapy. Coexistence of RLS symptoms can have significant impact on the adjustment, tolerance, and adherence to CPAP treatment of OSA. Similarly, arousals and sleep fragmentation from OSA can cumulatively worsen symptoms secondary to RLS.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

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