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Side effects reported by the patient are usually, but not exclusively, related to pressure or airflow or the mask-face interface. The minimization of side effects is important for effective CPAP usage; patients who complain of side effects use CPAP less frequently than those without side effects (51). A nonspecific claustrophobic feeling may be reported by patients but this often involves either mask/interface problems, nasal congestion, or exhalation difficulties that are discussed below. Dangerous complications of nasal CPAP therapy are extremely rare and represent isolated case reports in the literature including: pulmonary barotrauma, pneumocephalus, increased intraocular pressure, tympanic membrane rupture, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak and meningitis (52), massive epistaxis, and subcutaneous emphysema after facial trauma (53). It is clear that caution should be used when implementing CPAP therapy post-neuro, -airway, or -facial surgery. Irritating side effects such as aerophagy and musculoskeletal chest discomfort have also been reported (53).

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