Oral Appliances

Considering the low adherence rates with CPAP and health insurance guidelines in patients with UARS (2,61,62) treatment with oral appliances is an important treatment alternative to surgical intervention. In this context an update of practice parameters for the treatment of snoring with oral appliances was published in 2006 (70). This American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) practice recommendation defines the oral appliance treatment objective by separating patients with PS from patients with UARS and OSA. However, unlike for patients with OSA it does not define the treatment outcome for patients with UARS. According to this guideline only patients with PS are excluded from the need of follow-up sleep studies to document treatment outcome. So far only three case studies have been published showing that oral appliances can successfully treat patients with UARS (71-73). Cohort studies are needed to confirm this finding in larger populations.

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