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Palatal injection sclerotherapy (injection snoreplasty) was introduced as an inexpensive, minimally invasive office procedure that treats palatal flutter snoring. Essentially, a sclerotherapy agent is injected into the submucosal layer of the soft palate to promote fibrosis and scarring (106). Several different sclerotherapy agents have been employed to stiffen the soft palate. The two most commonly used agents are 3% sodium tetradecyl sulfate (sotradecol) and 50% ethanol (107). The average number of injections required to achieve adequate reduction in snoring was 1.2 injections per patient. Exclusion criteria for this modality include comorbid diseases that interfere with wound healing (uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled hypothyroidism, and periodontal disease), marked tonsillar hypertrophy, previous surgical procedures for snoring, and significant OSA. Complete cessation or a significant reduction in snoring was reported by 92% of patients or bed partners. However, the rate of snoring relapse was 18% at long-term follow-up (106,108). The success and relapse rates of injection snoreplasty are similar to those of other modalities used to treat snoring (93,109,110).

In addition, to the cost effectiveness of this technique, injection snoreplasty offers the advantage of mild pain without a significant recovery period. In fact, most patients experience no interruption in the activities of daily life. This procedure can be performed during a routine office visit. The most common reported complications are palatal swelling and superficial mucosal breakdown. These are managed with observation. Other more serious complications include mucosal ulceration, palatal fistulae, VPI and anaphylaxis to the agent. This technique has not shown to significantly reduce the RDI (106,108).

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