To date no study has been undertaken to determine the prevalence of UARS in the general population. A prerequisite for a study on this subject would be an unequivocal agreement on the diagnostic criteria for UARS (clinical and polysomnographic features), independent of whether researchers may or may not agree on the distinct nature of this diagnosis (48). In view of the lack of prevalence data we analyzed the Dortmund/Essen Sleep Disorders Center data from 1999 to 2006. From a total of 2768 diagnostic referrals for suspected OSA, 2174 (78%) were diagnosed with OSA. Fourteen percent (n = 384) of the patients were diagnosed with UARS and 210 (8%) with PS. The female to male ratio in patients with OSA was 1:8 while this ratio was 1:2 in patients with UARS and 1:5 in PS. While this data does not reflect true

TABLE 1 Polysomnographie Differential Features of Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome and Obstructive Sleep Apnea


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Sleeping Sanctuary

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