Diagnosis Of Sleep Apnea

Modern diagnosis of sleep apnea has its roots in the landmark descriptions by Gastaut (2,3), Jung and Kuhlo (4), and others (5,6). Since these early descriptions of polygraphic recordings, the nocturnal, attended in-lab polysomnogram has become the standard for diagnosing OSA. In the early days of our understanding of the condition, the patient presented at advanced stages with severe symptoms, cardiovascular comorbidities, and a prominent history of loud snoring and witnessed apneic episodes. Over the years, a wider spectrum of disease severity has emerged and it is clear that many patients are minimally affected or not symptomatic at all. These patients are usually brought to attention because of their bed partner's descriptions of snoring and concerns about not breathing. This has increased the demands on in-lab polysomnography, still a limited resource, and prompted alternative strategies for diagnosing sleep apnea.

How To Win Your War Against Snoring And Sleep Apnea

How To Win Your War Against Snoring And Sleep Apnea

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