Preface v

Contributors ix

Part I. Nuclear Transfer

1. Origin and Progress of Nuclear Transfer

In Nonmammalian Animals 3

Marie A. Di Berardino

A. Culture and Maintenance of Nuclear Transfer Embryos

2. In Vitro Maturation and Embryo Production in Cattle 35

Marc-André Sirard and Karine Coenen

3. Activation of Oocytes After Nuclear Transfer 43

Zoltan Machaty

4. Culture Medium Preferences of Pre-Implantation Cloned

Mouse Embryos 59

Björn Heindryckx, Josiane Van der Elst, and Marc Dhont

5. Maintenance of Pregnancy in Pigs With Limited Viable Embryos 79

Tim King and Paul A. De Sousa

6. Health and Neonatal Care of Bovine Clones 91

Jacqui T. Forsyth and David N. Wells

B. Nuclear Transfer Methods

7. Optimization of Procedures for Cloning by Somatic Cell

Nuclear Transfer in Mice 111

Young Gie Chung, Shaorong Gao, and Keith E. Latham

8. Production of Cloned Calves Using Roscovitine-Treated

Adult Somatic Cells as Donors 125

Kazuchika Miyoshi, Sezen Arat, and Steven L. Stice

9. A Double Nuclear Transfer Technique for Cloning Pigs 135

Irina A. Polejaeva, Shawn Walker, and Keith Campbell

10. Nuclear Transfer in Nonhuman Primates 151

Shoukhrat M. Mitalipov and Don P. Wolf

11. Cloning of Exotic/Endangered Species: Desert Bighorn Sheep 169

James "Buck" Williams, Taeyoung Shin, Ling Liu,

Gabriela Flores-Foxworth, Juan Romano, Alice Blue-McClendon, Duane Kraemer, and Mark E. Westhusin

12. Handmade Somatic Cell Cloning in Cattle 1 83

Gabor Vatja, Ian M. Lewis, and R. Tayfur Tecirlioglu

C. Transgenesis

13. Genetic Modification of Sheep by Nuclear Transfer

With Gene-Targeted Somatic Cells 199

A. John Clark, Sarah Burl, and Chris Denning

14 Transgenesis Using Nuclear Transfer in Goats 213

Anthoula Lazaris, Rebecca Keyston, Costas N. Karatzas, and Carol L. Keefer

Part II. Reprogramming Nuclei

15. Nuclear Reprogramming: An Overview

Takashi Tada

16. Expression of Imprinted Genes in Cloned Mice

Takashi Kohda, Fumitoshi Ishino, and Atsuo Ogura

17. Nuclear Remodeling Assay in Xenopus Egg Extract

Koichi Gonda and Nobuaki Kikyo

18. In Vitro Reprogramming of Nuclei and Cells

Anne-Mari Hakelien, Thomas Küntziger, Kristine G. Gaustad,

Anne Marstad, and Philippe Collas

19. Techniques for Nuclear Transfer to Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Daniele Pralong and Paul J. Verma

20. Gene Expression and Methylation Patterns in Cloned Embryos

Christine Wrenzycki, Doris Herrmann, Claudia Gebert, Joseph W. Carnwath, and Heiner Niemann

Part III. Concluding Remarks

21. Are There Any Normal Clones? 307

Ian Wilmut

22. Future and Applications of Cloning 31 9

Alan O. Trounson

Index 333

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