Composition of Salt Solutions Used in Nuclear Transplantation Experiments1 Based on [1

Modified Normal

Barth's High-salt amphibian saline MBS Ringer's OR2

NaCl KCl CaCl2 Ca(NÜ3)2




HEPES (NaOH), pH 7.4 Tris base, pH 7.6, acetic acid EDTA

Sodium phosphate, pH 7.4 Penicillin, benzyl Streptomycin sulfate Nystatin

88 1

110 2 1

100 units/mL 60 units/mL 2 mg/L


"For MBS, see ref. 2. For NAM, see ref. 3. For OR2, see ref. 4. For CaMg-free MBS, omit CaCl2, Ca(NO3)2, and MgSO4.

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