120 min

Figure 2. Normal gastric emptying in a 20 year old woman investigated for gastroparesis. (A) Sequential images displayed at 2 minutes/frame. On the initial images, activity is seen in the stomach (arrow) with rapid visualization of activity in the duodenum (arrowhead). By the end of the study only minimal activity remains in the stomach. (B) From a region of interest drawn over the stomach, the lag phase is the time for distribution of food from the fundus to the antrum and its end marks the beginning of gastric emptying into the duodenum. The percentage having left the stomach is generally assessed after a fixed time interval of 60 minutes and if required 120 minutes post eating. These are often recorded as T60 and T120.

Figure 3. Abnormal gastric emptying study in a 43 year old woman with diabetes and suspected gastroparesis. (A) The bulk of activity remains in the stomach at the end of the study. (B) The amount having left the stomach by 60 minutes and 120 minutes is minimal.

Separating liquids in the diet from solids and ingesting the solids first may help to minimize symptoms.

Clinical Role in the Localization

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