Figure 10. Anterior and posterior views of a gallium scan in a patient with extensive lymphoma in the right supraclavicular fossa extending into the mediastinum. Note normal distribution in liver, bone marrow, large bowel and bladder.

HCFA) in the United States has recently approved the use of FDG in settings where gallium would previously have been used. mIn-pentetreotide has also been shown to have uptake in a percentage of lymphomas, but the role of the radiopharmaceutical in this patient population has not yet been defined.


Currently, the two most important investigations in the management of lymphoma are CT scanning above and below the diaphragm and biopsy for tumor characterization. Gallium imaging has a limited roleā€”in the identification of lymph nodes or other abnormalities felt to be equivocal on CT and, less usefully, as a whole body screening tool in the assessment of patients with Stages III and IV disease.

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