Figure 16. 111In-Pentetreotide image in a patient with melanoma showing a metastasis in the left frontal lobe and in the left hilium (arrows).

studies will occur in patients with infection and recent surgery; these factors should be considered when requesting the examination.

At present FDG imaging in patients with melanoma is most effectively used in staging patients with a high likelihood of distant metastases (i.e., Stage IIB or III) and in evaluating patients at high risk of recurrence.

Gallium Imaging

Gallium shows high sensitivity for melanoma (80-85% with high dose administrations), but specificity has been lower (typically 60-75%) and imaging of the lungs and brain is ineffective.

However, if PET is not available, then there will be a small group of patients in whom CT or MRI is equivocal and biopsy is difficult and in whom gallium imaging with SPECT may make a contribution to management.


Several groups have now reported sensitivities of up to 75% in patients with melanoma. No attempt has yet been made to test the contribution to patient management, though some preliminary data suggest that uptake may be a predictor

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