Ilaeibewho Global Campaign Against Epilepsy

The problems related to provision of care and treatment to people with epilepsy are too complex to be solved by individual organizations, therefore the three leading international organizations working in the field of epilepsy (ILAE, the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and WHO) joined forces to create the Global Campaign Against Epilepsy. The Campaign aims to provide better information about epilepsy and its consequences and to assist governments and those concerned with epilepsy to reduce the burden of the disorder. Its strategy, specific objectives and activities are summarized in Box 3.2.2.

To date, over 90 countries are involved in the Campaign. As part of general awareness-raising, regional conferences on public health aspects of epilepsy have been organized in all six regions of WHO with the participation of over 1300 delegates from the epilepsy organizations (IBE and

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