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International Headache Society


c/o Griffin Stone, Moscrop and Co. 41 Welbeck Street London W1G 8EA England e-mail: [email protected] web site: http:// www.i-h-s.org

A worldwide professional society, the mission of IHS is to work with others to reduce the world burden of headache. The web site includes all published guidelines and recommendations of the IHS, and professional educational pages are planned.

World Headache Alliance (WHA)

c/o Griffin Stone, Moscrop and Co 41 Welbeck Street London W1G 8EA England e-mail: [email protected] web site: http://www.w-h-a.org

A worldwide lay alliance, WHA exists to relieve the suffering of people affected by headache throughout the world, in particular by sharing information among headache organizations and by increasing the awareness and understanding of headache as a public health concern with profound social and economic impact. The web site includes a regularly updated source of detailed and quality-controlled information on headache for the general public, with many useful links.

European Headache Federation (EHF)

c/o Kenes International

17 rue du Cendrier

PO Box 1726

1211 Geneva 1


tel: +41 22 906 9154

fax: +41 22 732 2852

e-mail: [email protected]

web site: http://www.ehf-org.org

A European professional federation, EHF dedicates its efforts to improving awareness among governments, health-care providers and consumers across Europe of headache disorders and their personal and socioeconomic impact.

Ultimately EHF seeks to create the optimal environment for headache sufferers and their carers across all Europe, so that they have access to appropriate treatment and therefore enjoy a better quality of life.


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