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data presentation 30-7 death, attributable to neurological disorders 30, 35

by cause 198

by country income category 198 projections 194-7, 198 rates 36 by region 194-7 delirium tremens 121 dementia

Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) 210

anticholinesterase therapies, AD 47 background 42-3 care delivery 49-50 case studies Brazil 54 India 55 Nigeria 55 course and outcome 43-4 10/66 Dementia Research Group: key findings 47 disability 45

epidemiology and burden 44-6

etiology and risk factors 42-3 GBD sequelae and case definitions 186 public health framework 50 recommendations general 52

World Health Report 2001 50-1 resources and prevention 47-9 stages 44 symptoms 42-3 treatment and care 46-7 developmental quotients vs nutrition, children 114 diabetes mellitus, GBD sequelae and case definitions 187 diphtheria, GBD sequelae and case definitions 187 dipyridamole 159 disability 16

disability-adjusted life year (DALY) 9, 28 years of healthy life lost to disability (YLD) 27-8, 30

see also specific conditions disability-adjusted life year (DALY) 9, 28, 30

by cause 189-92, 193

by income category 32, 193 malnutrition 111

neurological disorder groupings 31 occurrence rates 32-4 projections 32-3, 35, 189-92, 193 regional variation 34, 189-92 stroke 156 see also global burden of disease; years of healthy life lost to disability (YLD)

DisMod, mathematical model 27 domperidone 78 dopamine agonists 143 dopamine transporter imaging, (DAT-

SPECT) 141 drowning, GBD sequelae and case definitions 188

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