TrkA and NB

In NBs the expression of the neurotrophin receptors, Trks,have prognostic significance (see Chap. 5). TrkA and/or TrkC are more highly expressed in primary NBs tumors from patients who have a good prognosis (Nakagawara et al. 1993;Yamashiro et al. 1997), while expression of p145TrkB and its ligand BDNF is more highly expressed in primary NBs from patients with an unfavorable prognosis (Nakagawara et al. 1994). In NB cell lines engineered to express high levels of TrkA, activation with nerve growth factor (NGF) can decrease MYCN levels (Matsushima and Bogenmann 1993; Woo et al. 2004) by mediating signals transduced through the MAP kinase pathway (Woo et al. 2004). In NB cell lines, interferon gamma (Lucarelli et al. 1995), and to a lesser extent retinoids (Kaplan and Miller 2000), induce TrkA, suggesting that the levels of TrkA may be amenable to regulation in clinically aggressive NBs.

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