The Immunobiology of Neuroblastoma

To recognize human NB, antibodies, T-cell receptors, and receptors of the innate immune system (e.g.,NK, NKT,and g/6+T cells) (Jameson et al. 2003) have been explored. Antigens recognized by antibodies on NB

are summarized in Table 14.1. Several antigen systems recognized by cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLS) have also been demonstrated in NB; these include cancer-testes antigens [MAGE (Ishida et al. 1996; Cheung et al. 1998),5 GAGE (Cheung and Cheung 1997), NY-Eso-1 (Soling et al. 1999)], MYCN oncogene (Sarkar and Nuchtern 2000), kinase (ALK; Pas-soni et al. 2002), and others. The activation of antigen-specific T lymphocytes is a multi-step process requiring antigen-specific triggering of the T-cell receptor (TCR) complex on the T cell, and additional signaling via the costimulatory molecules CD28 that interact with CD80 (B7-1/BB1) and CD86 (B7-2/B70)

Table 14.1. Neuroblastoma antigens recognized by antibodies

Biochemical nature Antigen Target antigen

Antibody forms


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