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10-6 to 10-7

loablative therapy with autologous BM/stem cell rescue (Matthay et al. 1999; Pole et al. 1991; Ladenstein et al. 1998), or biologic therapy such as immunothera-py/differentiation therapy (Matthay et al. 1999; N.K. Cheung et al. 1998;Kushner et al. 2001;Yu et al. 1998), is typically applied at the time of clinical remission. An objective evaluation of the efficacy of these distinct adjuvant strategies is only possible when standardized protocols and quality-controlled detection techniques are used (Ambros and Ambros 2001). Ultimately, the rational choice of adjuvant therapies may become individualized depending on the MRD profile. To date, no treatment decision has been based solely on the detection of MRD.

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