Long Term Complications for Survivors of High Risk Neuroblastoma

High-risk neuroblastoma survivors commonly develop long-term complications due primarily to the intensive multimodality therapy they receive. We recently reviewed the data of a cohort of neuroblastoma survivors followed at our Long Term Follow-Up Clinic at MSKCC. Since 1991,65 neuroblastoma survivors have been seen. The clinical and treatment data on these patients are summarized in Table 18.1. The majority of these individuals were treated for high-risk disease. Long-term complications were noted in 58 of the 65 (89%) patients, and 40 (62%) experienced more than one complication. Sixteen of these 65 patients (25 %) had more than three complications. The more frequent late effects observed are listed in Table 18.2. The late effects that can arise following successful therapy for high-risk neuroblas-

toma, as well as the specific risk factors associated with these adverse outcomes, are discussed by organ systems in the next section.

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