Germany: 1 January 1990 to 31 March 1995; with INSS system and before the nationwide screening UK is based on ENSG data

NA is based on COG data from study ANBL00B1,1 April 2001 to 30 August 2003 (S.L.Cohn et al.,unpublished results)

bone marrow evaluation) would enhance the ability to detect metastatic disease, the absolute number of stage-4 neuroblastoma per children <14 years of age in Germany has been remarkably constant over the past 15 years (Poisson regression for linear yearly trend of the stage-4 case incidence; per population, years 1988 - 2002; p=0.92; data courtesy of C. Spix,

Mainz, Germany). Instead, an increase in the incidence of lower stages has been observed. One reason for this increase is the change of the staging system from Evans (more stage-3 patients) to INSS (more stage-1 patients). A second reason is the screening program that was introduced in Germany from 1995-2000.

Table 7.7. Biological types of neuroblastoma



Adverse mole

Course of



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