The ototoxicity of platinum compounds is well described and is more common with cisplatin (CDDP) than with carboplatin (Piel et al. 1974; Schell et al. 1989; Skinner et al. 1990). Platinum compounds are key components of the chemotherapeutic regimens for high-risk neuroblastoma, and many protocols included dose-intensive cisplatin or carboplatin (Kush-ner et al. 1994; Matthay et al. 1999; Cheung et al. 2001). The overall incidence of cisplatin-induced hearing loss in the pediatric cancer population, including neuroblastoma patients, ranges from 20 to 80% (Schell et al. 1989; Skinner et al. 1990; Weatherly et al. 1991; Parsons et al. 1998; Simon et al. 2002). The hearing loss is more pronounced in the high-frequency

Table 18.1. Clinical and treatment characteristics of neuroblastoma survivors followed in the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic at MSKCC (n=65). ABMT Autologous bone marrow transplantation, TBI total-body irradiation


No. of patients



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