Priming Effects in Mask Identification

Only correct responses were used for the analysis of response times in this task. Responses times shorter than 100 msec or longer than 999 msec (0.4 percent of the data) were excluded.

Figure 10.2a shows the response times in the mask identification task.2 A three-way ANOVA (consistency x SOA x participant) revealed that responses to the mask were faster when preceded by a consistent rather than an inconsistent prime: F(1, 5) = 731.17, MSE = 5,096,623.00, p <.001. There was also an effect of SOA: F(4,20) = 3.30, MSE = 5,434.78, p < .05. Most important, there was an interaction of consistency with SOA, showing that response times in inconsistent trials increased with SOA, whereas response times in consistent trials decreased: F(4,20) = 9.44, MSE = 23,261.31, p < .001.

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