Correcting reported data

Reported mortality rates were verified and corrected when the necessary numbers were available, using the definitions detailed in Annex 3. This applies, for example, to surveys that tended to use "one month" (usually defined as 30 days) and "0-7" days (corresponding to 8 days), rather than "28 days" and "7 days", after birth in the numerator of neonatal and early neonatal rates, respectively. Early neonatal mortality rates were calculated from the day-by-day deaths reported in surveys and corrected for obvious heaping by attributing half of deaths on day 8 to early neonatal deaths and half to late neonatal deaths.

Stillbirth rates, although apparently underreported in some surveys in developing countries, were not corrected (see Section 4.4). It was decided to take the data for those countries at face value, knowingly accepting an underestimation in the absence of any reliable method of correcting this shortcoming.

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